“Ziptech’s project team really went the extra mile to make sure we completed the project on time and within budget.”

Ronnie Ziwa. ICT Manager, ABC

Supporting a user base of 60+ staff, the ICT team at ABC maintains a trusted relationship with Ziptech Services when it comes to ICT project expertise.   ICT Manager Ronnie Ziwa recalls how migration to the Cloud in the early stages of pandemic lockdown was like “the perfect ICT storm”. System migration against the clock, mid-pandemic, yet confidently handled by the Ziptech project team, “on time and within budget”.

Prioritising cyber security.

Responsible for auditing and releasing data for the media industry to use when it comes to trading in advertising, ABC first appointed Ziptech to lead the organisation through the Government’s Cyber Essentials Accreditation programme.  Unsurprisingly, cyber security is a top priority for the data-led organisation.  Ronnie says,

“Ziptech is very technically aware of our infrastructure and they were extremely helpful in getting all the relevant policies in place for us to achieve Levels One and Two of the Cyber Essentials programme.  We benefitted from the team’s experience of leading this process many times for other businesses.  It was a seamless process.”

Preparing for the perfect ICT storm.

Following the success of the cyber security projects, Ronnie invited the team to lead a Cloud migration project from Exchange Server to Office 365; a project which could not have been better-timed when a nationwide Coronavirus lockdown required staff to work remotely.

With an ageing email infrastructure and a server nearing end of life, Ronnie and team intended to migrate to Office 365 following a final year’s licence renewal.  As pandemic lockdown loomed closer, Microsoft packaged up bundles to include Teams and SharePoint with Office 365 and offered six months free.  It was an opportunity to bring the project forward and the race was on to complete the migration before old licences expired.  All this against a backdrop of pandemic lockdown meant that the project couldn’t afford to slip.

Ronnie says,

“It was like the perfect ICT storm; a pandemic along with a looming deadline for licence renewal.  Ziptech’s project team really went the extra mile to make sure we completed the project on time and within budget.”

Greater collaboration and reduced costs

Listing the benefits ABC now enjoys from the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, Ronnie says,

“I don’t have to worry about hefty storage fees for some of our mailboxes which are up to 20 years old; we no longer have the admin or the costs of running an office-based Server.”

Summing up, Ronnie says,

“It’s easy to work with Ziptech. Everyone is knowledgeable and the working relationship is easy.  They put forward a really strong project team and provide a great range of skills for us to benefit from.”

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