The Brahm Property Group's Digital Transformation with Ziptech

The Brahm Property Group, a family-owned, Belgravia-based property management company, faced significant IT challenges as the business expanded. Finance Director Jay Soneji recounts their digital transformation journey from on-premises servers to a comprehensive, cloud-based infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, with Ziptech’s help.

Initial Challenges

When Jay joined the business in 1995, The Brahm Property Group managed its operations on internal servers from a single location in Belgravia. As time and technology moved on, this setup posed several problems when it came to security, backup and recovery. It was also expensive to maintain the traditional server environment and the set up didn’t lend itself well to remote working or collaborating on shared documents and processes. According to Jay,

“Backups were a big issue. We needed a system where all documents were secure and accessible from any location at any time.”

Digital Transformation – The Move to the Cloud

As the company expanded, acquiring additional properties and offices, the need for a more robust IT environment became evident. Jay appointed Ziptech to facilitate the transition by first designing and integrating the company’s internal network and then moving their operations to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Jay explains,

“We purchased the building next door and Ziptech assisted us in networking the two buildings together. When we acquired another site, it was clear we had to move to the cloud to ensure real-time communication across all our locations.”

Benefits of Cloud Migration

The cloud migration brought several benefits including enhanced security, improved collaboration and cost savings. Jay highlights,

“Maintaining internal servers was expensive and risky. Cloud solutions are more stable and secure. We feel safe knowing that Ziptech manages the background processes, ensuring we stay secure and preventing problems before they arise.”

Scalability and Flexibility

The Azure platform offered the growing property group the flexibility to scale their operations according to demand.

“With Azure, we can pay more as we use more or less as we use less. It’s invaluable, especially after COVID, allowing us to access information from anywhere,”

says Jay.

Security and Compliance

Security is a paramount concern for The Brahm Property Group and, with Ziptech’s support, they have achieved the UK Government’s recommended Cyber Essentials Accreditation. This is an extensive procedure that ensures businesses are as secure as they can be by implementing a stringent set of security protocols and best practices. Prior to achieving the accreditation, the business experienced an unanticipated data breach but praised Ziptech’s swift response. Jay recalls,

“Ziptech’s quick action limited potential fines and reputational damage. Their knowledge of the process and prompt response was crucial to avoiding a much bigger problem.”

Ongoing Support and Relationship

Jay appreciates the long-standing relationship with Ziptech, noting the consistent support from key personnel.

“Having familiar faces like Perry, Jim and Harpreet over the years has made dealing with Ziptech easier. Their proactive approach means we rely less on them over time, and they really understand our business” he adds.


The Brahm Property Group’s partnership with Ziptech has been instrumental in their digital transformation. From overcoming initial IT challenges to leveraging the cloud for flexibility and security, Ziptech has provided the necessary support and expertise. Jay concludes,

“The fact we’ve been with them for so long speaks volumes. Ziptech guides us through our growth and evolution, ensuring we remain efficient and secure.”

About The Brahm Property Group

The Brahm Property Group is a multi-entity business that specialises in property investment. It was established 75 years ago and is presently moving into its third generation of family leadership. With a rich history dating back to the post-World War II era, the company has evolved significantly, adapting to and embracing modern technologies with Ziptech’s help.

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