Employees are your No. 1 Cyber Security Risk

Employee behaviour represents the greatest threat to the safety and security of any online information system.  How savvy are your staff?

Computer and mobile device security: Do they know how to:

¨ Carry out updates

¨ Switch on a firewall

¨ Prevent malware

¨ Prevent pop-ups

¨ Check that an e-commerce or banking transaction is encrypted?

Behavioural issues: What about:

¨ Hoax emails

¨ Phishing

¨ Password best practice

¨ Fraud and identity theft

¨ What to do if there is a problem or uncertainty about something?

Business issues: How well-versed are they in:

¨ data protection

¨ GDPR and compliance

¨ protecting sensitive company information?

Education of staff is vital to ensure you keep the virtual windows and doors locked and bolted.

The actions of an employee may impact the entire business, and businesses face additional risks and threats which require specific measures.

If you would like some help to improve your cyber security, including recommendations for staff training, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer some guidance.



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