News Bytes from the Service Desk

February 17, 2021

New Website

And welcome to our new website! If you’ve landed here from our e-newsletter, it might be your first visit to our new website.  Please take a look around.  Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out our new identity, fresh for 2021, so please familiarise yourself with our new logo, it’s still the same Ziptech team behind it!

We’ve got some exciting developments to make you aware or remind you of. We hope you will be able to benefit from some of these advancements as we all continue to operate with remote or co-located workplace models and with collaboration, training and security at the top of our agenda.

Here’s the news round up from the Service Desk:

Magenta is the New Red

The Red Zed Support Icon on your screen is changing colour to reflect our new look. Please make sure your staff are aware of the slight colour change from Red to Magenta.

Extend Barracuda Backup & Restore Features across SharePoint and Teams as well as Email Archives.

Barracuda is our application of choice for added email security and is in place in most of our clients’ systems.  An enhanced version of Barracuda’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service is now available for new clients, with existing clients migrating shortly.  The new features include;

  • Faster backup and restore speeds.
  • A new, fast-loading and easy to navigate user interface that we think you will love.
  • Extended backup and restore across SharePoint and Teams as well as Exchange archives.

If you are not yet covered by Barracuda security and backup, please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your Cloud infrastructure instantly more secure and recoverable.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). What is it? Why you shouldn’t be without it.

MFA is a simple but failsafe solution that requires two or more pieces of evidence before permitting a user to access any Cloud application. We recommend MFA is installed for every user Ziptech supports.

MFA is instrumental every day in defending businesses that Ziptech supports from bad actors posing as members of staff, preventing fraudulent attacks and guarding against data breaches. MFA is included in your MS license fee, it is simple to set up and we organise regular online user training in small groups (for which we charge a small fee for our time, but it’s worth it!)

If you haven’t yet made MFA mandatory across your organisation today, call us to get started and you can look forward to a Ziptech ‘Project Party’ on Teams to bring your staff up to speed.

Don’t work hard, work smart with our byte-size training videos.

Free for our clients who subscribe to our Fractional Service Model, we can provide access to Mi Crow; an online training library of short video clips that help users navigate and shortcut everyday processes across a whole range of applications.

For those subscribing to our Fractional Technology Management service, all you need to do is contact support and we will provide access for your whole business.  If you don’t subscribe to our Fractional service, please get in touch to discuss access to free training and other benefits.

Cyber Insurance: our 3rd line of defence.

While our front line security protocols and our Cyber Essentials Certification are our first and second lines of defence, a third line of defence with cyber insurance means that we are covered in every unforeseen eventuality.  This year, we have doubled it in light of the increased risk of an attack we could not have predicted and in relation to the ever-rising cyber crime risks.

All of the things we are doing demonstrate how seriously we take the cyber security threat.  You should be reassured that we will not be the weak link in the chain for your business.

Our insurance unfortunately does not extend to our clients and we recommend that you consider this additional line of defence in order to make your business absolutely failsafe. We recommend you undertake the Cyber Essentials programme and get the right level of insurance too.

If you would like to talk this through with anyone, while our CEO Jim Simpson is not an insurance advisor, he would be very happy to share his learnings from ploughing through the detail on the various policy options.  Feel free to get in touch.

Take care and stay safe, everyone!

Kind regards,

The Ziptech Service Desk Team

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