Is Ziptech’s New Budget-friendly Backup System Right for You?

Until recently, advanced backup systems have been financially out of reach for many SMEs. Ziptech is switching to a new generation backup which is also budget-friendly.

A new generation of backup has finally arrived, and at a reasonable price.  We will be switching our clients over in due course and only supporting our new backup in the future.

The service will still be known as ZipSafe but we will be rolling this out as previous versions are discontinued.  Here are some of the benefits of our new ZipSafe Backup:

Easy to expand – the local vault can more than double in size without replacement, keeping costs down.

Smaller backups mean faster recovery – the backups are small because the system uses advanced file deduplication and compression technology.  Smaller backups mean increased frequency and faster recovery.

Onsite and offsite images – an image is a complete copy of your server.  In the recent past it was only possible to store the image locally because of its size.  We can now store backup images of entire servers in the Cloud.

Business continuity – If your server fails, we can spin up its image on the Vault immediately and you can be running again in less than half an hour.  If the office is inaccessible we can spin up the image in the Cloud and all your staff can work remotely.

Archive storage in the Cloud is free – all the archives you want are stored for as long as you want free of charge.

Secure backup from end to end – all backups, in transit and on the local Vault and Cloud, are encrypted.


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