It AIn’t Just About Robots.

October 4, 2018

It AIn’t Just About Robots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics but how do they apply to SMEs?

According to the Data Dilemma Report, 12.5% of staff time is lost in data collection. That’s five hours a week in a 40-hour work week. Machine learning can solve these admin problems and dramatically improve the employee experience by making life less boring.

Recent research by Salesforce predicts that by 2020 (just two years from now) 57% of business buyers will expect companies to know what they need before they ask for anything. This means having solid prediction capabilities powered by AI will be key to keeping your customers.

Starting in September, we will be running a series of our popular Directors Briefing learning sessions at the London School of Economics on the topic of AI.

The sessions will focus on the opportunities AI and ML give to business owners who want to improve processes and enhance customer engagement.

We will also show you how AI is creeping into some of the products you are already using now – you may be surprised! As always, the event will be grounded and practical without the normal IT industry hype; we’ll cover the ways in which AI can make your business more competitive and reduce costs. We are hoping to show some AI in action during a hands-on demonstration too.

Attendance, although free to Ziptech clients, is by invitation only to small numbers of non-clients who are interested in the subject. The sessions are deliberately small so that everyone has an opportunity to participate, ask questions and share ideas.

If you’d like to know more please email me at [email protected]



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