News Bytes from the Service Desk

October 21, 2019

Services Manager Amit Parbat keeps us updated with the latest news from service desk.

Investment in Skills

Senior Engineers Bradley and Luke are on track to be the first in the UK to qualify for Microsoft’s new security competency designed for IT service providers.  The qualification will demonstrate their inside-out knowledge of the security features in Microsoft’s product range and their commitment to keep up to date with new developments.


Testing: New MS Edge Browser Developed on Google Chrome’s Technology

Microsoft Edge is currently still a long way behind in the preference ratings for browsers, falling behind trailblazers Google Chrome and Firefox.  In a move which will make the browser easier to use, Microsoft is developing a new version of Edge based on Google’s Open Source code for Chrome (Open source code means anyone can use it and develop it at no charge).  It seems to be a case of “If you can’t beat them join them” however the new Edge browser may come with added benefits over Chrome: you can use MS Search, a feature which means the browser will not only search the web but also your One Drive and SharePoint stored files at the same time.  It may also prove to be more secure than Chrome as it allows you to integrate Microsoft’s user policies and apply them to browser use too.


New Procedures: Leavers and Joiners

Ziptech clients will have received a recent email linking to some forms we have created in the Cloud to make it easier for you to report new joiners, leavers or change of staff user permissions.  If you haven’t received that information, please get in touch.  The new automated process automatically generates a ticket when you complete the form and this ensures we respond quickly with all the info to hand.


Recommendations: Laptop Specifications

All new laptops are being built with SSDs (Solid State Drives) instead of the older spinning mechanical hard drives which are slower and can be problematic when running deep scans.  In some instances, it may be worthwhile replacing the old drive with a SSD if the laptop is relatively new as it will increase its life.  Please mention it the next time you call or get in touch if you would like us to advise.


Upgrades: Retirement of MS Windows 8 and BT’s ISDN

There are still concerns around the withdrawal of Windows 7 which Microsoft will cease to support from January 14th, 2020.  This means that users of the old operating system will no longer be supported or receive crucial security patches, cutting off protection against new vulnerabilities.

Support is also being withdrawn for Server 2008 and SQL 2008.  Microsoft’s move underlines a focus and commitment to the architecture of Windows 10, aka the eternal operating system because of its futureproof design.  If you haven’t done so already, contact us to plan your migration to Windows 10, contact us now for advice and planning.

As we reported in the last newsletter, by 2020 BT will withdraw ISDN meaning all businesses must switch to internet-based telephony or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Again, please just call us if you need help updating your system or understanding the implications of this change.




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