Ziptech Returns to Live Events

How is your business celebrating the end to Covid Restrictions? Ziptech and friends enjoy a night of wine, food, music and fun!

Having spent the best part of two years unable to visit or meet with close business partners, the Ziptech team decided to celebrate the end of Covid restrictions and the beginning of the new normal – in style! In March 2022, Ziptech launched the first of many events that aims to bring people back together to simply enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Renowned for the success of its learning events for business leaders, such as the long-standing Directors Briefings held at the London School of Economics, Ziptech rises to the challenge of creating fun-filled social events where staff, client and friends can all enjoy one thing in common – great fun! Ziptech held its first event, a wine tasting evening, at the very fine Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill, Mayfair. Staff and friends enjoyed a drinks reception with a selection of oysters, followed by a fun-filled wine tasting experience, a beautiful sit down dinner and some wonderful after-dinner entertainment from the very talented Alice Offley.

Remote or hybrid working is now the new normal for many businesses. While it comes with many benefits, CEO Jim Simpson reckons you need to work harder when it comes to social engagement: “Remote team working is great, and with today’s technology, we could go for months (or years!) without ever needing to visit anyone else that we work with. We’ve decided to put more effort and resources into facilitating social events and it will become a central part of our culture. Staff, clients and business partners are all welcome to join us.”

How is your company adapting to the new normal and how will it replace the social benefits that remote-working prohibits?

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