Company Directors Get Digital Savvy and Cut Costs with Ziptech’s Transformation Team


The aim of our Directors Briefing learning programme is to equip CEOs with the knowledge they need to successfully lead their businesses through digital transformation. Too often, these projects fail because they don’t have top down leadership or because company directors are poorly-equipped to manage them. Some businesses also struggle to have full visibility over technology costs and to measure ROI.

Ziptech’s bootcamp at the London School of Economics packs everything business leaders need to know about creating a modern workplace into just three hours. In small groups, directors come together to discuss challenges, exchange ideas and talk through solutions with Ziptech’s transformation team. The session includes a cost exercise that exposes where businesses are paying too much and areas where functionality is underutilised.

“Was very helpful. It opened my eyes and put me in the position where, even if I don’t

understand everything that needs doing, I know what questions to ask.”


Why digital transformation has to be the CEO’s job


Whether you are a CEO, director or partner, you’ll need to roll your sleeves up when it comes to going digital. It affects your entire organization and it requires teams to work together to reinvent how you operate. Employees will look to you to create the vision. It’s also your job to inspire and hold managers and teams accountable for their roles in implementing change. You need to make it stick.

We’ve found a quick and easy-to-read guide that you can find on the Harvard Business Review The CEO’s Playbook for Digital Transformation if you want to learn more about leading these projects. As the summary says, “digital transformation is not a destination; it’s a permanent state of evolution. The point isn’t to become digital; it’s to generate value for the business.”

That’s why businesses led by digital-savvy directors are growing and increasing in profitability. They continually evolve and, in doing so, maintain a competitive advantage.

“We are miles ahead of some in our industry who have not harnessed the digital experiences that our customers expect.” A comment from one Directors Briefing attendee when we were discussing the positive outcomes of moving to a digital workplace.

Creating your modern workplace

Digital transformation should disrupt how everybody in your organization works, reinventing new and better workplaces. Creating a modern workplace is no longer a choice: talent, customers and suppliers expect digital experiences. Not only that, your digital savvy competitors will already be stealing a lead.

Businesses don’t go through digital transformation for the sake of it. The point is to add value. Let’s take a look at some of the competitive advantages you might expect to gain.

Attracting top talent

A recent report published by Statista lists the biggest challenges business owners face caused by digital transformation. Guess what’s number one?

“Skills gaps have opened up on traditional teams as top talent moves to digital teams or products”. Statista 2022

Creating speed and agility

Imagine what you could do if you had a small, highly-motivated team working with technology that automated much of what they do. With the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want to from any device, the sheer volume of work they could consume would significantly increase.

Better customer experiences

Like it or not, you will need to stay relevant for your customers. If they find it easy to engage with your products or services, why would they look for another supplier?

If you’d like to join our next group, please register here or get in touch with Ed @[email protected] who can tell you more about how we are helping businesses achieve their workplace goals.

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