Business Process Automation and Microsoft Power Platform Services

Simple process automation to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Today, the modern workplace is neither a luxury nor a project for another time. Directors who invest in business process automation are gaining a competitive advantage.

For some businesses, it’s a competitive advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked; for others, it will be essential for survival. Businesses that can reduce overheads, increase productivity and measure business performance will have the best outcomes.

Until recently, business process automation was a project for a professional developer, putting it out of reach for most companies. Now, all that has changed.

A new breed of no code or low code tools is available from Microsoft. These tools are designed to be “citizen led”, empowering employees to improve their daily work routines by automating manual, time-consuming tasks. This allows companies of any size to improve their business performance. To find out how to get started with process automation, feel free to download our handy guide.

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What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

As a Microsoft Solution Provider, we are experts in Microsoft Power Platform solutions and business process automation. Microsoft Power Platform is a set of tools that allow businesses to build simple workflow automations that streamline processes and increase profits. In many cases, access to the Microsoft Power Platform is already included in your licence fee. Are you using it?

Power BI – a data analysis, reporting and visualisation tool that gives you the Business Intelligence you need to make informed, confident decisions.

Power Apps – build no code or low code web or mobile apps that run on any device in any location. Integrate applications with hundreds of pre-built connectors to solve business problems.

Power Automate – business process automation that creates multi-step, digital processes to reduce manual effort and increase productivity.

Forester has conducted research on the Total Economic Impact of using Microsoft Power Platform and found that ROI is 140 percent. If you want to get started, find out how in our own ebook designed for small and mid-sized business owners.

Low cost, fast deployment.

The development process is inexpensive, fast and simple which makes many scenarios feasible and valuable.

Here are some of the processes we have created in our own business:

  • Capturing and actioning staff support issues
  • Automating the processes of specifying, approving, purchasing, and building new PC’s
  • Managing all the steps in the leaver and joiner processes
  • Collection, approval, checking and entry of payroll data
  • Analysis and management of project profitability
  • Real time reporting of team performance
  • Staff and client satisfaction surveys

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