Outsourced IT Support Services

IT Managed Service Provider and Microsoft Solutions Partner

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Outsourced IT Support Services specialist. We provide growing companies with management advice, project services, proactive network management and helpdesk support.

We work alongside business leaders to provide them with the visibility they need to control costs ​and deliver better results​.

Our unique fractional ownership model gives you access to the full range of our skills. Working in this way, we can offer you your own full service team at a fraction of the cost.

“Everyone at Ziptech speaks in a language we can understand.  We explained what we wanted to do and their portrayal of the next step for us was far better than anyone else’s. It was very simplistic and down to earth and provided a lot of clarity about the process and what the benefits would be.”

Greg Bettis, Hunters.

Introduction to Outsourced IT Support

Businesses are increasingly turning to outsourced IT support as a strategic solution to meet their technological needs.

This approach offers our customers access to a wide range of expert IT skills alongside the latest technologies. It allows them to focus on their core operations while reducing operational cost.

As an IT managed service provider and Microsoft Solutions Partner, we combine the flexibility and scalability of external IT services with the increasingly advanced capabilities of Microsoft’s ecosystem. Our customers not only receive tailored, expert support but also gain access to the latest Microsoft innovations. These enhance their productivity, security and competitiveness.

Our Full-Service Outsourced IT Support Team Includes:

Outsourced IT Support Services: IT Managed Services and Outsourced Client Solutions for businesses in London, UK, and around the world.

The Benefits of IT Managed Services Go Beyond Tech Support

Our IT Managed Services offer businesses a comprehensive suite of benefits that enhance operational efficiency, cybersecurity, and strategic IT planning.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we provide proactive monitoring, management and maintenance of IT systems. This ensures businesses can focus on their core activities while leveraging the latest technology including automation, AI, and analytics.

This holistic approach not only minimises downtime but also aligns IT infrastructure with business goals, offering a competitive edge.

The benefits of IT managed services include:

Fewer IT Problems.

“Pre-Ziptech, staff often couldn’t log on and connectivity would frequently drop during the day.  We were always calling our previous supplier’s support desk. Ziptech came in and gave us a full health check. They found fundamental weaknesses in the infrastructure which needed to be addressed at source. We now maintain a healthy infrastructure and productivity has improved, without a doubt.”

Philip Dainton, Medex Scientific

Our statistics tell us our outsourced IT support services can reduce new client support tickets by up to 70%. We do this using a process that identifies and mitigates problems before they occur.

By focusing on prevention rather than reaction, we ensure a smoother, more reliable IT experience for our customers. It minimises disruptions and allows them to concentrate on their core business activities without the worry of IT-related setbacks.

Reduced Waste.

“Over the years, Ziptech has encouraged us to take timely and simple steps forward in progressing our technology – ensuring we always get the most from our investments.”​​

Julian Walker, AB Walker

An outsourced IT support team eliminates the need for in-house IT maintenance, significantly reducing downtime and associated costs. Your dedicated Ziptech BTC helps you make business-driven technology decisions factoring in costs, timeframes and anticipated results. This helps you make the best investments at the right time for your business.

Meanwhile, your dedicated IT manager is there looking after your network daily, reducing the financial burden of unexpected repairs and downtime and allowing for more predictable budgeting and resource allocation.

Valuable Management Information.

“We had two goals: to enhance customer experience, and to streamline internal processes. Working with the Ziptech team to implement Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, we have achieved both in a short space of time and with a very smooth transition.”​

Greg Bettis, Hunters

Your dedicated Ziptech IT Manager tracks the positive impact your technology investment is making.​ Our managed IT solutions include detailed analytics and performance reports. These enable our customers to see, firsthand, how outsourced IT solutions enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity, and drive innovation and growth. 

Increased Productivity.

“The big thing is the utilisation of Teams with Sharepoint. Our previous document repository was clumsy. What we have today is incredible. It is as easy for me to collaborate with someone from my home to theirs as it is if I sat next to them.”

Yan Simpson, Just Ask

Challenging traditional processes, we promote business automation – saving time and reducing costs.​ Our customers gain remarkable productivity enhancements by utilising Microsoft’s cloud technology tools. These innovations allow you to simplify complex tasks, automate routine processes, and optimise operations.

All this within the secure and scalable environment of Azure. Microsoft’s cloud technology not only streamlines workflows but also ensures data security and accessibility. It empowers businesses to focus on strategic initiatives and drive growth efficiently.

Improved Competitiveness.

“Ziptech has recommended and implemented a Cloud-based infrastructure which is perfectly-suited to our business needs. It is secure, efficient, economical, and it has completely changed the way we work.” ​

Tony Wilson, Indelible Data.

A modern workplace and digital infrastructure improves the quality of your service and the experience of staff, clients and suppliers with every interaction. The arrival of AI tools for process automation is transforming the competitive landscape. So it’s crucial for businesses to adopt these technologies now. We can help.

Our cloud-based solutions using Microsoft technologies like Copilot offer efficiency and insight, enabling companies to streamline operations and innovate faster. We know from experience that to remain competitive, businesses must embrace these new technologies to stay at the forefront of their industries with smarter, more responsive operations.

Confidence and Security.

“We can sleep at night knowing we are cyber secure and compliant with GDPR.  This is down to Ziptech’s strategic approach, proactive recommendations and technical competency in managing our IT infrastructure.” ​


You’re in safe hands. Our outsourced IT support services ensure critical processes are protected, security risks are minimised, your system is compliant and performance is optimised. 

Microsoft cloud solutions, through their comprehensive security features, advanced compliance protocols, and performance optimisation capabilities, significantly bolster the effectiveness of outsourced IT support services. They ensure that critical business processes are safeguarded, security risks are substantially reduced, systems remain compliant with the latest regulations, and overall performance is enhanced. 

Outsourced IT Support For Businesses Globally

Our global outsourced IT support services span across key hubs including: London and across the UK; New York and San Francisco, USA; Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific; and Bangalore, India.

We’re increasingly extending our reach to meet the diverse needs of businesses with international operations, multiple locations and remote employees based anywhere in the world. With strategically located IT managed services and support centres, we offer unparalleled expertise and assistance, ensuring that companies around the globe have access to top-tier IT solutions.

Our comprehensive network allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality service, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimise their IT infrastructure.

Case Study: Accounting Practice Reduces Downtime by 85%

Wellers, an accounting practice based in London and Oxfordshire with 80+ employees, decided to switch to a Microsoft Azure environment in 2021. The firm engaged us to audit their Azure infrastructure, then reconfigure it and manage the firm’s IT.


Since then, Wellers has reduced the downtime recorded on staff timesheets by 85%, increasing chargeable time and productivity.

As soon as we made Ziptech’s changes, staff noticed the increased speed of the system at once. The response time to tickets went from hours to minutes. The engineers were friendly and supportive. Most of all, Ziptech understands Azure; they know how to implement it well and they understand the problems we report. What were we doing before? How did we cope?

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Outsourced IT Support: The Future Looks Bright

The future of outsourced IT support and IT management services hinges on advancements in AI, cloud computing, process automation and cybersecurity.

We remain at the forefront of these cutting-edge trends by integrating AI-driven solutions like Microsoft Power Platform tools and Microsoft Copilot for enhanced process automation and decision-making into our client solutions. Leveraging cloud technologies ensures scalable, secure and efficient IT operations, while a strong emphasis on cybersecurity keeps client data protected.

By staying ahead of technological evolutions, we can anticipate the needs of the global market while delivering innovative solutions that set new industry standards.

Who Are We?

Ziptech Services, as a Microsoft Solutions Partner and specialist in outsourced IT support, focuses on providing strategic management advice, project services, proactive network management, and helpdesk support to growing companies.

We emphasise a unique fractional ownership model, offering a full-service team at a fraction of the cost, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, cybersecurity, and strategic IT planning.

Our approach includes reducing IT problems, minimising waste, delivering detailed management information, boosting productivity through Microsoft cloud technologies, and improving competitiveness with modern digital infrastructure and AI tools like Microsoft Copilot.

Ready to lead the future with cutting-edge IT support?

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