VoIP can work over traditional hardware but also works via your smartphone, laptop or computer, reducing the overall technology footprint on the office desk

Get Ready for VoIP Coming Soon to a Device Near You.

As you might know, traditional telephony is being replaced by VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol by 2025.  BT has already scaled down support, investment and promotion of ISDN, which means  we all need to have a migration plan in place.

VoIP makes voice just another application and data stream on your computer system.  It doesn’t require a box on the wall.  Instead, it needs a way of connecting to the internet.  It means the computer can double as your phone and you can begin to also integrate desktop applications.

Here’s why you should consider moving to VoIP now if you haven’t already:

¨ We can’t ignore cost – the lines are replaced by Broadband which reduces call charges.

¨ Like software, you can add and reduce users as you need to with no hardware to buy, install and upgrade.

¨ It uses the same network cabling as your computers so less network points are required.

¨ With the right system, configured in the correct way, the phone is on the users’ devices or computers which means they can take inbound calls on the move or remotely, a big benefit in support of home-working policies.

¨ There is less hardware on the desk, with the phone being replaced by a connected device or headphones, although you can still have a VoIP handset if you wish.

You can integrate this with other desktop apps such as Microsoft Teams, due to soon replace Skype for business.  Integration with Microsoft Teams reduces the number of systems you need to check.

We chose VoIP integrators Qunifi to create a gateway with Microsoft Teams and we are implementing it also for clients.

¨ It’s simple and it is low cost.

¨ Teams users get to make and receive calls just like on their existing desk phone.

¨ No Software or hardware to install.

¨ No special configuration of your phone system.

¨ Works with all leading Cloud and on-premise PBX systems.

If you are interested contact Harpreet Walia and we will be happy to show it to you.



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