Goodbye Desktop Phone - Hello VoIP

With businesses seeking to reduce costs and improve quality of service, the market is moving from ISDN (the system which supports the desk phone), to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a system which facilitates voice calls via your internet device.  In fact, BT has been in the process of retiring ISDN since 2015 and has announced end of life by 2025.  ISDN will no longer be offered to new businesses from 2020.  If you are rather attached to your old desk phone, have a think about what you could replace it with instead.  Referring to a recent study presented by Bloomberg, Business Insider recently reported,


“Millennials are accused of wiping out many industries, but they are giving the plant industry life”. In April 2019, Bloomberg revealed a soar in demand for Instagram-ready flora, just one of a number of items taking centre stage on today’s modern work desk. The demise of the old desktop phone system might bring on an attack of nostalgia for some employees, but the great news is, it leaves more room on the desk for the nicer things in life, and it will make the workspace of the future a better place to be. You can find out more about our recommended VoIP inside. The transition is very simple, so go on, put some more happy in your life and treat yourself to a plant!

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