Small Businesses Get Greener and Leaner

There is no denying the widespread effort across the planet to reduce the impact on climate change and to make more environmentally-conscious choices when it comes to recycling and reusing.  There is no reason why you can’t bring these practices into your business too, in many instances, also saving costs.  Taking a sustainable approach using digital and Cloud technologies with automated business processes will prove to reduce your overheads significantly, while making your business more efficient and an all-round better place to work.


Lee’s Recommendations for a Greener Office

Lee Steadman, Ziptech’s very own Eco Ambassador, makes suggestions for greener business practices.  You’ll see how simple some of these ideas are to implement and you might feel inspired to put your own measures in place.

When a company makes a concerted effort to go green, it reduces its negative environmental impact. You might choose to take measures to reduce utility costs, to start recycling and reusing, to buy green products or to work with green service providers.

The advantage SMBs have when considering a green policy is that, by nature, we are more agile than big corporations which have complex supply chains and a range of stakeholders to consider.  SMBs can often make really fast progress when it comes to reducing their impact on the planet.

In addition to the fact that you will be doing a really good thing, there are many reasons why some would say it pays to have an environmental conscience:

Attract Talent

By 2020, 35% of the working population will be Millennials and 24% will be Gen Z.  They are more aware of environmental issues, and if you want to attract them, you will need to offer an approach they can tune in with.

Build a Culture

Because being kind to the environment is unquestionably the right thing to do, it easily lends itself to things like staff incentives and motivational  or team-building activities, helping to embed your policies by bringing them to life with staff. 

Engage the Team

Giving roles to staff will help involve the business as a whole: Who looks after the recycling?  Who waters the plants?  How do we purchase and what are the rules of engagement with our supply chain?  Which employees would like to work with you to develop these principles and policies?

Improve Efficiency

Greener often means Leaner, and you will find using new technologies helps you redefine processes that have been bogged down in unnecessary admin for years.  If you need some ideas about how software and Cloud applications can help you find a whole new way of working, please get in touch.

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