Phishing Attacks

The UK Government’s 2019 Cyber Crimes Survey reveals that Phishing attacks make up 80% of the total cyber attacks on UK businesses, and small to medium sized enterprises appear to have done little to increase protection than in previous years.  While the overall percentage of cyber crimes reported by businesses has decreased— 32% of all UK businesses reported a breach or attack in 2019 compared to 43% in 2018— the overall decline is steepest in large enterprises while the survey reports that for SMEs “the fall is not observed to be statistically significant.”

The report cites possible reasons for decline in larger businesses including a rise in ownership of Cyber Security at Board level, an increase in adoption of Government schemes such as Cyber Essentials, greater staff awareness and investment in training, and more rules and controls as a by-product of GDPR.  Our feature on Page 2 helps explain how small businesses should act to mitigate the risk of Phishing attacks including fraudulent emails or being diverted to fraudulent websites


Top Tips for Mitigating Phishing Attacks

The Department of Culture Media and Sport’s annual Cyber Crimes Report  reveals Phishing attacks to have maintained a strong lead in contributing 80% of the total cyber  attacks and breaches reported by UK businesses.  Email remains the most targeted intrusion point for cyber criminals attacking businesses and consumers alike, and the outcomes can be absolutely devastating.  There are as many as 56M Phishing emails sent every day and it takes just 82 seconds for a fraudulent email to hook its first victim.  As we know, as many as 25% of attacks learn to bypass secure email gateways, so how can we fight an attack inside the mailbox?

The Government has put together a best practice sheet for businesses wishing to mitigate the risk of falling prey to an attack.  Click on the link below to see how a multi-layered approach is an excellent example of how a defence line is only as good as the tools in place and the humans who operate them.

Talk to your Ziptech account manager today if you need more help in any of the areas show from the link below or if you are unsure of the existing level of defence within your IT infrastructure.

Understanding Phishing

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