Going Fishing? Know your Phish!

November 4, 2018

Going Fishing? Know your Phish!

During the holidays, you might spend more time on personal devices which may have a lower level of protection than those supported by Ziptech, exposing you to a greater risk of cyber attack.  So if you’re going fishing, make sure to know your phish!

Brush up your knowledge with our cyber crime quiz

This is the most common attempt at identity theft.  If this mass email hits you (lists can be readily purchased on the Dark Web), you will be encouraged to click on a link to a counterfeit website where you may disclose confidential information.   (Phishing)

This more sophisticated attack focuses on a specific recipient or group with a bespoke crafted message. (Spear Phishing)

This time, the attackers are targeting high net worth individuals such as company CEOs and have done a lot of research to ensure their attack is convincing. (Whale Phishing)

This malware sits on a website and compromises visitors, not the site, by stealing information such as credit card details or private data. (Cross-site Scripting)

Using a spoof wi-fi hotspot, attackers can eavesdrop on the communication between two targets. (A Man-in-the-Middle Attack)

This innocent-looking file attachment, once opened on your device, installs itself and wreaks havoc. (Malware)

In this attack, the criminal obtains your account or user name and runs a list of common passwords against it in the hope that one will work.  It frequently does! (A Dictionary Attack)

Every password, no matter how strong, is vulnerable to this attack where a computer is used to attempt every combination of letters and numbers until the password is cracked. (A Brute Force Attack

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