Good Security Requires Rigorous Processes

Data security threats are now more daunting than ever before, and regulatory compliance requires us to be rigorous in our processes.  Both are inherently linked; security requires process.  The pain point here for small businesses is two-fold:

Firstly, employees adequately skilled in cyber and system security are hard to come by. That means many SMBs count on partners like us to secure their business-critical systems and data.

Secondly, many of our clients don’t have the skills, or in fact the resource, available to keep on top of the related processes.

Our approach consists of both continual training and continual enhancement of processes, using advancements in technology wherever we can to help us achieve a slick and secure operation.

Microsoft’s new Security Competency for IT service providers recognises engineers who have demonstrated advanced skill and capability in delivering security solutions on the Microsoft platform and who continue to enhance that skill.

Two of our Senior Engineers, Bradley and Luke, will be first to achieve the accreditation and are likely to be first to complete the course in the UK.  The Security Competency distinguishes IT businesses which are best prepared to help customers:

  • Protect information.
  • Implement identity and access management.
  • Defend against cyber-security threats

The second investment we are making is to become ISO27001 accredited.

The Standard is designed to help organisations manage their information security processes in line with international best practice while optimising costs.

This is a technology and vendor-neutral Standard and is applicable to all types of businesses, however it underpins a service organisation’s ability to provide “a safe pair of hands” to customers.

If you are interested to hear more about the initiatives above, please call me.

Meanwhile, stay safe.

Kind regards,

Jim Simpson, CEO Ziptech Services


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