How to Evaluate your IT Service Company

Three Questions Your IT Service Provider Might Not Want You to Ask

A reliable IT service provider is a safe pair of hands. These three questions will help you evaluate your IT service company, even if you’re not an IT expert. Here’s how to check your business is getting a good and reliable service that adds real business value.

Is your IT service contract standard or has it been customised to meet your business needs?

No two businesses are exactly alike, yet many IT service providers still offer standard packages, technology and even service agreements. This could indicate that your IT company doesn’t have the resource or capability to adapt to your needs. A reliable IT company will evaluate your business needs before preparing a service plan that reflects your business goals.

When it comes to building the infrastructure on which your business relies, a good IT service provider will be able to build the right solution for you from a wide range of options. On the other hand, a risky provider might offer you an off-the-shelf package because it is the only solution they provide.

An IT company that offers a standard service may appear less expensive, but it can be a false economy. The right solution for your business will improve productivity, find efficiencies in the way your business works, and contribute to your company’s growth and profitability.

Do you have a prioritised plan for addressing weaknesses in your IT environment?

Many providers offer IT support based on a break-fix model. They react (some more reliably than others) when there is a problem. For example, a user reports an issue, an engineer makes a diagnosis and finds a solution.

This break-fix kind of approach rarely reduces the total volume of tickets your employees will log. A reliable IT service company prevent issues arising and agree priority improvements in line with business needs and budgets.

When it comes to security, the break-fix approach is particularly risky. It’s always too late to act when vulnerabilities are already exposed. Your provider needs to be able to safeguard your business from threats and protect you from breaches or attacks.

How capable is your IT team of keeping your business safe?

An ISO certification is an internationally recognised series of operating standards. Specific to the IT industry, ISO 27001 deals with information security management and it is tough to achieve. It takes time and involves rigorous scrutiny and evaluation of internal protocols and processes. If your provider is certified, it shows that your data is in safe hands.

A supplier that has achieved ISO 27001 coupled with the government’s Cyber Essentials Accreditation programme must implement and maintain the most secure practices and processes possible. If your supplier is a Cyber Essentials certified practitioner, it’s a testament to their understanding of cyber risks and their ability to do the utmost to protect their business and yours from attack.

Choosing the right IT service provider for your business

A great technology infrastructure and a first-rate IT service will help you compete in today’s digital business environment. If you have fewer resources than your bigger competitors it will be impossible to invest in a fully skilled, in-house IT team. This is when a reliable IT service provider can really make an impact on business growth and profitability.


Giving you access to a broad range of services; keeping your company secure, compliant and backed up; and acting as your single point of contact for all your technology needs, a good IT service provider will empower you and your employees to get on with the job of running your business.


To help you evaluate your current service and set proper expectations from your supplier, our latest eBook How to Choose a Reliable IT Supplier is available to download.

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