The Microsoft Azure Features in 365 Business Premium License.

As Windows Server 2012 reaches End of Life later this month, you might be considering migrating to a full Microsoft Azure environment. Part of your migration planning will involve evaluating your current license agreement. Designed to make the journey to Azure easier, cost-effective and more secure, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the license we recommend for SMEs. There are no less than 32 Azure Features in 365 Business Premium Licenses already. Let’s look at some of the Business Premium features that unlock the best of Azure’s security and compliance, device management, and identity and access controls.


 Azure Active Directory P1 (recently renamed as Microsoft Entra ID)

This is a cloud-based platform that helps you easily manage both on-premises and remote users. There are two levels (P1 and P2). Active Directory/Entra ID P1 is included in your Business Premium license. Azure AD Premium/Microsoft Entra ID P1 covers identity management, access controls, administration of different teams or groups of users. It also includes Single Sign-On, Multifactor Authentication, Password Protection and Self-Service Password Reset.


 Conditional Access

This is part of Entra P1 and a component of Microsoft’s Zero Trust Policy engine. This feature allows you to enforce policies that control access to your resources based on specified conditions. It works on an if-then principle. For example, if a user/device wants to access an application like 365, then they must go through the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) process.  


 Microsoft Defender for Business

One of the most valuable Azure Features in 365 Business Premium licenses, this is Microsoft’s high-ranking, next-generation Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software. It gives an extra line of defence and peace of mind when it comes to vulnerabilities and threats. The technology uses AI to work and learn in real time and reduces the need for expensive, 3rd Party alternatives.


 Microsoft Intune P1

Hybrid or remote working adds an extra level of exposure to security threats due to the different devices that need access to your resources from various locations. With Intune, admins can centrally configure, secure, and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets, and computers to access and use company data safely, from anywhere. You can also use Intune to remotely deploy and manage applications.



Autopilot means you can deliver pre-configured devices directly to employees via Intune. As soon as the employee connects to the internet, the device is configured to company standards and is good to go. Autopilot is invaluable for configuring new hardware remotely without the need to manually build a machine. The software and configurations are delivered via the cloud to the employee’s device.


 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

This gives you the capability to create and connect to a complete Windows 11 virtual desktop that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with all your data stored in the cloud. It’s the perfect, secure and simple solution for remote teams.  You don’t have to provide a full desktop; you can consider providing access to Remote Apps. This means the user only has remote access to the applications they need but the experience is as though the application is running locally.


 Shared Activation

This allows multiple users to access the MS Office applications on shared computers or remote desktop services, e.g., AVD.


There is a whole lot more Azure Features in a 365 Business Premium license. Features like Azure Information Protection P1 classifies and protects sensitive data, and Universal Print allows users to print from anywhere to registered printers via Azure. If you are considering eventually moving your environment to Azure, and even if you aren’t, Microsoft 365 Premium Business license offers the most secure and feature-rich option for your business operation, be it 100% or partially remote. <Get in touch> for more information or download our free e-book on Implementing Microsoft Azure for Success.


How does the cost of implementing these Azure features in Microsoft 365 Business Premium compare to other Microsoft licensing options or standalone Azure services?

The cost of implementing Azure features in Microsoft 365 Business Premium can provide significant value, especially for SMEs. By bundling these features, Microsoft offers a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing standalone Azure services or other licensing options. This integrated approach not only reduces the financial burden but also simplifies billing and management, making advanced security and compliance features accessible without the need for extensive IT resources.

What are the specific steps for implementing these features within an existing IT infrastructure, and what level of support does Ziptech offer for businesses during the transition?

Implementing Azure features within Microsoft 365 Business Premium requires strategic planning but is designed for ease of use. Here at Ziptech, we use Microsoft’s comprehensive documentation and support channels to deliver best practices and solve more complex issues. The process involves setting up and configuring services through the Microsoft 365 admin centre, with guided steps for deploying each feature. Microsoft’s approach aims to minimise disruption and ensure businesses can easily access these features to enhance their security and management capabilities.

How do these Azure features integrate with non-Microsoft products and services, and are there any known compatibility issues or limitations to be aware of?

Azure features in Microsoft 365 Business Premium are built with compatibility and integration in mind, facilitating a seamless experience with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. While Microsoft ensures broad compatibility and offers extensive documentation on integration scenarios, there may be specific considerations depending on the third-party software and services in use. We encourage you to review compatibility guidelines and conduct testing where necessary to ensure smooth integration, with Microsoft support available to address potential challenges.


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