Performance Problems in Azure: Troubleshooter's Guide Part 1

If you’ve landed here, you’re likely having IT performance problems in Azure that you need to fix. We’ve split the most common user problems in Microsoft Azure into four categories; performance, user experience, access issues and connectivity. In this first part of our Azure troubleshooter’s guide, we’re tackling performance problems in Azure. Here are the six most common reasons for sub-optimal performance in Azure and how to diagnose and fix them:

 Assess resources and capacity

You could have:

· The wrong virtual machine (VM) size or type

· Too few host VMs or too many users per VM

· Under-specified resources

 Utilise the automations in Azure

Azure is packed full with automations that you can access to make sure performance is optimised. These include:

· Automated VM scaling with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) scaling plans (which could help you prevent having too few or too many machines)

· Automations that keep deployment consistent such as scripts, Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates or Blueprints

 Is Microsoft Teams configured correctly?

· You could be using Microsoft Teams without optimising it for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

· You might have to use Microsoft Teams locally

 OneDrive Sync problems

· You might be attempting to sync data beyond the supported limits

· Remember to select the SharePoint library to sync

Check the internet connection

It sounds obvious but local internet issues or not enough bandwidth can be the root cause of performance problems in Azure and it’s often overlooked.

 Internet issues at user’s home

· High latency could be causing delays

· Poor WiFi could be causing dropouts or disconnects

· Are too many people in the house using the internet at the same time?

· Again, check that the bandwidth is sufficient

If you are experiencing any of these performance problems and you need help, get in touch or give us a call on 0203 981 0850. You can also download our full guide <Implementing Azure for Success>.

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